Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jackie Chan Heart Attack

Jackie Chan Heart Attack
On the Internet, "Jackie died," the news is flowing.This amazing information, see the Yahoo! been reported that the Australian news site, even on the Internet in Japan "Jackie Chan breaking death" has made ​​impact in the title of the bulletin board.
However, it is reported that this breaking [Yahoo! the Australian news site and look at, certainly "Jackie Chan Dies of Heart Attack", but an article that is written, the URL [Yahoo! Australia Well ... no ...].
The sources told the news that CNN has become, CNN upstream site has not been posted for this news. The news is not dead on news sites as well which Jackie Chan in the world.
Apparently, CNN and the Australian [Yahoo! seems to have been told to fake news site.But "death Jackie Chan," Internet users in Japan who want serious news a lot, "ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah I Amaji ah ah ah ah oh wow" and "Let me come back Jackie," "hope to live If you really this lose ... "and has asked the voice.
News noticed that people lie, "What do lie" and "You do not die Ne Jackie Chan", "We just rumor was also shot dead in front," "I'm glad Gase", "No way to die You're right project A Look at Immortal "has been said.
Some people "I mean it it. At home you know my email is on the brink Chinese riots" or "really like a lot. I'm supposed to fuss at the site of Hong Kong" and a situation 煽 (Ao) is Tsu Some people. Anyway, good news of the death lies in the world's hero Jackie Chan.
In addition, this news has been spreading インターネットコミュニケーションサイト Twitter has misunderstood the Jackie Chan really dead, as many users of Twitter. Because it lies "Jackie died," try not to spread information called.
Sources: http://rocketnews24.com